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Official Grand Theft Auto V Cover Art Released

It is finally here. After much speculation over the last few days and teasing from Rockstar Games, the official cover art for Grand Theft Auto V has been released. Take a look at it in all its glory right here.

Pretty damn fantastic. Many will say it is just like the rest, but that is kinda the point. If it ain't broke don’t fix it. It is a big part of the franchise and if they done away with the style it just would not be the same. So what do we actually see? Four pictures which were previously released by Rockstar show Michael with a gas mask on, Trevor holding a gun, a girl posing with her iFruit phone and Chop, the series’ first and undoubtedly best dog. The picture showing a helmeted unknown character on a bike has been shown in promotional material, but not officially released.

The new pictures show a Buzzard helicopter, what looks like Michael riding a Jetski, Franklin holding a gun and a car being chased by the police. Overall it’s a very nice cover and something we better get used to looking at over the next few years. This official image comes after a building was discovered being painted with the GTA V cover art in New York over the weekend. The wall is still being finished and is shaping up rather nicely.

Even with over five months till release the hype is slowly starting to build. Whether you are a superfan, casual or hater you can’t deny that Grand Theft Auto V will be the biggest release of 2013 when it releases on September 17th for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.


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