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Official release date for ‘Furious 8’

Whether we want it or not, the show will continue. With or without Brian O'Connor. Get ready for Furious 8. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Universal Studios is indeed moving ahead with an eighth installment, which had been scheduled for April 14, 2017.
First wind of this broke during a recent CinemaCon presentation, which was followed by a moving speech from Vin Diesel where he said, "we're going to make the best movie you've ever seen," as he made the announced the release date.
The latest entry in the franchise has at this point, broken many box office records, reaching upwards of $1.1 billion globally. If that wasn't incentive enough for Universal to see just how far they could push their lucrative property, there wouldn't be much else beyond that.
Nevermind the fact that Furious 7 would have been the perfect way to end the story that began with the 2001 original and the fact that Paul Walker was given a proper and respectful send-off, that could have served as the ultimate send off to the Fast and Furious family. An eighth is moving full steam ahead regardless. No word yet on who will be directing or writing. We just know that it will happen.


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