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“Old Spice Guy” Video Campaigns to Play Marvel’s Luke Cage

***Mustafa has put a copywright claim on the video making it no longer available on YouTube

Marvel is currently making The Avengers and releasing several films based around that property, while Warner Bros. attempts to get a Justice League feature off the ground. In other words, movies about superheroes won’t be going out of style anytime soon. Even the more obscure heroes like Thor and Tony Stark/Iron Man are able to entertain moviegoers the world over.

So it’s natural that a film about Marvel’s Luke Cage might come to fruition in the near future; the studio’s hinted at the possibility. Cage is a detective with bulging muscles and hard skin thanks to an experiment gone wrong. The Daily Blam! relays that actor Isaiah Mustafa, most famous for his role in the popular Old Spice commercials, has actively campaigned for the role of Cage. He even mentions having met with the studio:

"I've already had a meeting with Marvel. I talked to them and I told them that I was a gracious reader of their comics and that I wanted to be Luke Cage. So we'll see where they take it."

Mustafa’s campaign includes a strange 40-second clip, which can be seen below, of him as Luke Cage in a sort of origins story. While banking on an actor whose marketability – or possible lack thereof – hasn’t been proven is risky, it worked well enough out for Chris Hemsworth in Thor. Additionally, it’s hard to argue that his campaign video isn’t completely awesome.


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