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Olivia Thirlby to help “Judge Dredd”

Olivia Thirlby is set to star in Pete Travis’ Judge Dredd, an adaptation of the comic with the same name. According to The Wrap, the young actress will portray Dredd’s telepathic sidekick Cassandra Anderson.

Since her most famous role as the best friend of the titular character in Juno, Thirlby has appeared in independent films such as The Wackness and had a guest stint on the Emmy Award-winning HBO comedy Bored to Death. Her role in “Dredd” will mark the actress making a significant move from independent film to mainstream film. Dredd (who will be played by Karl Urban) will be wearing a mask through the entire film, so it shouldn’t be hard for Thirlby to make more of an impression than him.

Despite being a crossover role, it sounds like a pretty weak one. Thirlby could easily snagged a role in a more promising mainstream film. Why she chose this one is a mystery. Still, whether or not this was a good move for the actress remains to be seen. Let's hope for the best.


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