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One In Five Purchases at Direct 2 Drive Will Be Free

Tired of all the holiday sales offering the same discounts on the same merchandise?  How about just getting some free games instead?   Direct2Drive.com seems to be avoiding the typical holiday sale mentality, and is instead just giving their products away.  For the rest of 2010, any time you make a purchase with a credit card on D2D, you have a one in five chance of getting your entire order free.

It’s a clever marketing scheme, which appeals to the grabby looter in all of us.  For the company, it’s pretty much the same as a 20% price cut on everything, but consumers will see it as “free Free FREE!!!”

This time of year, shoppers can become overwhelmed with so many sales, each offering very similar deals, however the possibility of getting hundreds of dollars of games for free is liable to provide a unique incentive to make customers choose D2D over all of the other digital distributors who are holding more traditional sales.

D2D is also having a Twitter contest for $50 gift certificates, and a separate contest on Facebook.  The catch is that you have to “Friend” them on Facebook (And pester your other friends), and follow them on Twitter (Which means you’ll be pestered by D2D’s tweets).

This seems to be the start of a new line of thinking when it comes to big holiday sales.  What do our readers think:  Are you willing to take a 1-in-5 chance at a free games from D2D, or play it safe and get your holiday games from at one of the regular sales?


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