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One More Delay for Duke

Developer Gearbox Software and publisher 2K Games announced today that the upcoming release of Duke Nukem Forever is being pushed back from May 6th to June 14th in North America and a June 10th release in other countries.

The reason for the delay is unknown, and is just another footnote in the storied history of this first person shooter whose development started in 1997 on the Quake 2 engine.

Since then a number of factors led to the incredibly long delay, including game engine changes, studio closures, and money. However it seemed that despite the odds, information about the game would trickle out every year from eccentric developer George Broussard and his studio, 3D Realms.

After a small legal battle between publisher Take-Two and 3D Realms over the incredibly long development cycle, the news officially broke at PAX 2010 that Duke Nukem Forever was finally on its way from Gearbox Software, who most recently worked on the unexpected hit Borderlands. Not only was it headed to shelves, it was actually playable at the show.

The long journey isn’t quite over yet, but after 14 years, one more month doesn’t seem like much of a wait.


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