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Did you miss Oni-Press' The Sixth Gun #1. Chances are you probably did since it was one of their Free Comic Book Day issues and all the issues were given out. Fortunately for you Oni is giving you two ways to read the issue via their website. You can read the issue online or you can download the PDF as well. Oni is releasing a new printing of the first issue and is encouraging fans to reserve their copy from their local comic book shop.

The series is about six demon powered guns that go missing after the Civil War. When the sixth gun winds up in the hands of a young woman, dark forces are awoken. The series is created by Cullen Bunn and Brain Hurtt. Their previous Oni title, The Damned, was about Demon's and Mobsters and was a great title. With all the free copies gone, The Sixth Gun, has a chance at being a runaway hit or at least a media darling.


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