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Onlive Offering Free Access To Playpack Games

Do you like free games?  Of course you do.  Well, you can play games like HAWX, Prince of Persia, Lego Batman and Unreal III, for free over the next two weeks as part of Onlive’s Playpack Beta.  Once the beta is done, the plan will cost a monthly fee, but for now you can get as much playtime as you like with F.E.A.R. 2 and others.

Onlive is a gaming service that is a little different from digital distributors; the game doesn’t actually download to your computer, rather you stream video of the game you’re playing from a server.  It sounds a bit whacky, but it works just as advertised, and lets you play with high-quality graphics even on a crappy PC.  It also works with Macs and even the iPad.

Onlive has previously charged a set price for unlimited play on games (About the same as retail prices), and has offered the option to pay a smaller fee for a 3-5 day rental period.  With the new Playpack plan you’ll pay a $9.99 monthly fee for unlimited access to about 20 games.  Granted theses aren’t recent releases, but this plan will certainly make Onlive even more interesting to the cash-strapped gamer.

You can create an account for free, and take advantage of the offer over at Onlive’s website.


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