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Onslaught Unleashed… Again

Remember X-Man #15 back in1996 when Onslaught first appeared? Show up with a wacky voice, scaring people then chatted with Jean Grey, punked Juggernaut and locked him up in the Gem of Cyttorak (the source of Juggernaut's power, man that was dumb), then basically stomped the X-Men. Well he's back...again, bursting from the Negative Zone. Just where they left him in the end of Onslaught: Reborn.

Deep in the heart of Colombia, an immense and unmarked engine hums at a steady, ominous pace. Its purpose: to exploit a tear in the barrier between this world and another; to harvest and refine an exotic energy source for Roxxon Energy Corp. But just on the other side of that tear, inside the Negative Zone, a dark entity of vast power has been waiting for what has seemed like centuries, preparing for the moment when he can finally reach through the tear and once again cast his judgment on humans and mutants alike. For the psycho magnetic abomination called ONSLAUGHT, that moment is about to arrive...and he'll have the girl without a world--NOMAD--to thank for it! Eisner winner Sean McKeever and Filipe Andrade (X-23) team to bring you to the heart of terror and the edge of sanity in this hotly-anticipated epic!                                                                 

Onslaught Unleashed #1
hits comic shelves in February 2011. Onslaught Unleashed #1 is written by Sean McKeever, penciled by Filipe Andrade and has cover art by Humberto Ramos. The Variant Covers are by Rob Liefeld. Bet'cha cant guess which one.


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