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Orange is the New Black Release Date and Teaser Trailer

Orange is the New Black is coming back on June 6 and we can’t wait! The Netflix series is undoubtedly one of the most entertaining and fulfilling viewing experiences of 2013 (really, if you haven’t watched it there is plenty of time to catch up on the first season before the premiere in June), and while a lot of buzz didn’t surround its first season premiere that has surely changed. We are already abuzz with second season anticipation despite the fact that there is still a ways to go for its release. But how can we not get excited by the fifteen-second teaser that accompanies this announcement? I mean, this teaser has everything: Piper looking intense, Pornstache looking extra porny and detestable, Red being all jealous of the new kitchen staff, Crazy Eyes, Natasha Lyonne and her big eyes, and so much more, in just a quarter of a minute. It doesn’t reveal too much (nothing really) in terms of narrative but definitely communicates themes that will be explored and the tense atmosphere of the setting. The concluding moments of the season finale left us with a very thrilling feeling of uncertainty and even chaos (What the hell is Piper going to deal with what she just did? Will she be able to escape punishment?), which certainly intensified Piper’s story. Not to mention the supporting characters’ narratives, which were also compelling and engrossing (at times more so than Piper’s). It’s great to see that that heightened feeling is palpable in the new footage. Are you looking forward for the new season?


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