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Orcs Must Die – Wind Belt Video

Robot Entertainment, the developers of the Orc genocide slaughterfest Orcs Must Die, are slowly revealing the arsenal of traps and gadgets that player will use in their upcoming game. Today they unveiled the Wind Belt with a video that show how the power of the wind can be used to kill the horde of stupid little monsters invading your castle.

The gizmo might be called a Wind Belt, but it really boils down to powers akin to telekinesis.  As the video shows, you'll be able to use this for a sort Star Wars "Force Push" to knock down enemies, and can use it to lift and throw individual orcs, sending them into environmental hazards, or other traps that you've set up.

Orcs Must Die plays sort of like Lemmings, but in reverse; instead of shepherding a group of dimwitted creatures around obstacles on their way to a safe haven, you have to create a series of traps in the path of a bunch of stupid Orcs, in order to kill them off before they capture your castle.

It comes out as a downloadable title for XBox, PC and Playstation 3 later this year, and will playable at E3 next month. More info and videos can be found at www.OrcsMustDie.com.



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