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Original Writer Crafting ‘Blade Runner’ Sequel

After announcing last year that Blade Runner would be turned into a continuing series, Alcon Entertainment has let loose that the next installment will be a direct sequel to the events of the first film and that original “Runner” scribe Hampton Fancher is onboard to pen the script.

Shortly after Alcon acquired the rights to the sci-fi classic, they were quick to get original director Ridley Scott onboard. Scott—a godfather of sci-fi thanks to his work on “Runner” and Alien—has been making the rounds lately promoting his upcoming film Prometheus; his first sci-fi film in over 30 years. Both Scott and Alcon are keeping quiet on the plot details of the next film, only confirming the film will take place “some years after the first film concluded.” 

The original film took place in 2019 Los Angeles, when organic robots known as Replicants are used off-world for various (and often dangerous) purposes. It is illegal for them to return to Earth; those that do are hunted down by a police task force known as “Blade Runners.” The film followed veteran Blade Runner Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) as he tracked a group of dangerous Replicants trained in violent actions across dystopian Los Angeles.

The original film was considered a box-office bomb when it debuted in 1982, but has since gone on to be one of the most revered films in the sci-fi genre. Fancher originnaly wrote the script but left the project shortly after completing it due to creative differences between himself and Scott. David Peoples was brought in to rework Fancher’s script and ended up sharing writing credits in the final edit. It would seem the bad blood has dissipated, given the recent announcement, but time will tell if this is a recipe for success, or history repeating itself—which could still go well for the project, technically.


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