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Orphan Black Season Four Details Announced

"Clone Club, feel the hype!"
BBC America recently released the plot summary for the fourth season of its hit critically-acclaimed sci-fi thriller Orphan Black, starring Emmy nominee Tatiana Maslany. Filming officially began this week in Toronto. Co-creator and co-showrunner John Fawcett Tweeted a picture of himself on Monday with star Tatiana Maslany in costume and makeup as Ukrainian clone Helena alongside actor Kristian Bruun who plays Donnie Hendrix, the husband of Canadian clone Alison Hendrix. And just today, the official Orphan Black Twitter account released a photo of production underway. [embed]https://twitter.com/OrphanBlack/status/649623401565392896[/embed] According to BBC America's official synopsis, British clone Sarah Manning will once again step into the role of the leader of the Clone Club after returning from her short vacation to Iceland to visit her daughter Kira and Kira's father Cal. A "potent new enemy" will threaten the sisterhood, and Sarah Manning will need to join forces with a mysterious ally of Beth Childs, the Canadian clone who committed suicide in the first episode of the series, and whose identity Sarah stole. The "potent new enemy" likely refers to the Neolutionist cult, whose members include Susan Duncan, the adoptive mother of British clone Rachel Duncan. The Neolutionists made a return in the latter part of season three after being introduced in the first season, but disappearing from the radar in season two. The final episode of season three saw Rachel Duncan waking up in an unfamiliar room with a brand-new prosthetic eye. Later in that same episode, Rachel was shocked to see Susan, who was thought to be long dead. BBC America also announced the addition of new characters for season four. Ari Millen will return to the show as a mysterious new Castor clone, "the likes of which we’ve never seen before." Canadian actor Joel Thomas Hynes will join the cast as Dizzy, a computer hacker "who doesn't conform to group mentality." Production will continue in Toronto through to March 2016, and the fourth season is expected to premiere in spring 2016.


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