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Orphan Black Season Four Teaser Released

BBC America recently released a short trailer for season four of Orphan Black. The clip simply shows an extreme close-up of an eye that looks like it has a camera in it. Fans are already speculating that the eye belongs to Rachel, one of the show's clones, who had an eye injury earlier in the series. Does this mean she’s back as a villain in season four? According to Variety, co-creator John Fawcett has said that season four will be a lot like season one, in the sense that the paranoia and mystery will be back. This next season will serve as a reset with an emotional ending. Sarah and her sisters will once again be thrown into the unknown. Clone Club members are eager to learn more about the upcoming season, which premieres in April 2016. Check back here at Entertainment Fuse for more information on what’s next for our favorite clones and who will be back in season four.


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