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Oscar Winner Monahan to Work on ‘Sin City 2’ Script

William Monahan, the scribe who took home a Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar for The Departed a few years ago, has been recruited to work on the screenplay for Sin City 2. Comic creator Frank Miller recently finished the initial draft. 

This is good news for eager Sin City fans. Namely, Robert Rodgriguez was not lying when he said earlier this month that the budget was in place but he's waiting on the script. Miller clearly delivered, with a story reportedly based on the A Dame to Kill For storyline and a few new ones.

Although it'd be nice if Miller's script was all they needed to get this thing in production, it's not realistic. A little bit of waiting can't hurt, especially with Monahan on board. Monahan has most recently helped Tron: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski adapt his sci-fi passion project Oblivion for Universal.

This all comes off of Rodriguez telling fans at Comic-Con that if the film happens it will happen (or the pieces will be in place) this year. Provided Monahan gets to work, this year looks within the realm of possible.


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