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Oscars Will Celebrate Film Heroes

"Everybody loves a hero," Aunt May once said. "People line up for them." People line up for the Oscars too. For any film person, the Oscars could either be something of a delight to catch every year, or it might be something you wish didn't exist because you view it as not the definitive say in what makes a good movie, actor, screenplay and so forth. Wherever the film person stands, there's no denying what draws us in to a movie and that is the characters we care about. The heroes of the story. Sure, they might be flawed, but we are still willing to go on the journey with them. According to news from AFP, the forthcoming 86th Academy Awards will be heroic in theme as it pays tribute to movie heroes past and present.


Neil Meron and Craig Zadan, who produced last year's musical themed ceremony, released a statement that expressed their desire to "unify the show with an entertaining and emotional theme." The producers touched on inspiration by the characters on screen as being a key reason people go to the movies. Drawing from this, they hope to design a particularly engaging and fun experience this time around. No hero will be excluded from the celebration as real-life heroes, filmmakers, risk-taking actors, animated heroes, super-heroes or literary heroes could be honored. Comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, heroic in her own right, will be taking over hosting duties this time, following the critically blasted hosting efforts of Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane from last year. Oscar nominations will be announced on Thursday, January 16th and the 86th Academy Awards will be broadcast on Sunday, March 2nd. What say you, Fusers? Excited about this year's plans for the show? Let us know in the comments below!


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