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‘Ouija’ Movie Conjures Up New Writers and Directors

The old gods at Paramount, sensing that the hour of production is nigh, have demanded that new writers and a director finally be summoned to transport a Ouija movie out of development hell, and into the realm of the living. Juliet Snowden and Stiles White, the writing team behind 2009's Knowing, have been tasked with both scripting and directing duties on the project, which has already devoured a few prospective helmers. 

Ouija's transition to the big screen could be described as tumultuous at best, with Universal paying Hasbro to take the project off their hands back in August, only to reacquire it in March under a new production plan. Gone was the original recipe for a $100-plus million action-adventure blockbuster that couldn't get a director, and in its place was a more cost-effective, stripped down version, which facilitated the hiring of Paranormal Activity creator Jason Blum as producer. 

The announcemnt pretty much confirms that Fright Night writer Marti Noxon was sacrificed during the film's budgetary downgrade after she was hired for scripting in late November of last year. This will be the first directing gig for Snowden and White, their selection likely a result of the film's new lean ambitions.

As Variety notes, McG was originally slated to direct the film, before leaving over budget issues. Snowden and Stiles' are responsible for the upcoming horror flick The Possession and have also been tapped to write a Poltergeist remake.  


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