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Outland Preview

What do you get when you take the visuals of Tron, the story of Dissidia: Final Fantasy, and gameplay of Prince of Persia? Why, you get the new PSN game Outland! From what has come out so far we can tell that the game centers around the conflict of the two natural forces of this world. It's your job to end this while harnessing the power of both sides to do so (this being done by transitioning from using dark or light energy -- red or blue). While using one or the other, you are able to use certain things that share that energy and not be affected by that engery when it attacks. However the opposite is also true. To do damage you must be in the corresponding energy. 

We still know little about the game, but from what we see it looks to be another great downloadable title for PSN (and Xbox Live Arcade). Stay tuned for more when we get our hands on the game.


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