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Overwatch Gets Release Date, Open Beta Revealed

"Activision Blizzard's new FPS drops on May 24"

Blizzard’s new team-based first-person shooter Overwatch has been in the works for years, and is finally ready to hit PC, PS4, and Xbox One on May 24.

Overwatch characters
Overwatch is a team-based shooter that will release with 21 playable heroes.

Players on all three platforms will also be able to play Overwatch for free from May 5-9 during a planned open beta period. Those who pre-order the game will get early access to that beta on May 3.

In addition to the announcement of the release date and beta period, Blizzard has also announced a number of options for people to purchase the game.

The core edition, which is digital and PC-only, is priced at $40 and includes only the base game, which includes 21 playable heroes.

The Origins Edition of the game includes the base game, five character skins, and a collection of bonuses for use in other Blizzard games. This version costs $60, and also serves as the base version of the game for PS4 and XB1.

Overwatch Origins Edition
Overwatch’s $60 “Origins Edition” comes with all this stuff.

Then there’s the Collector’s Edition, a retail-only pack for $130 which includes everything in the Origins edition, plus the game’s soundtrack, a visual sourcebook, and a metallic statue of the game’s Soldier: 76.

The game can be pre-ordered through the game’s official website already, and the open beta several weeks before launch should give prospective players a very solid “try before you buy” experience.

The fact that Blizzard is effectively putting the game on display before its release is likely a sign of confidence – if the game isn’t any good, everyone will know it firsthand, and quickly. Presumably, Blizzard believes that getting people’s hands on the game in a multiplayer setting will increase their day one sales, which is crucial to the health of a multiplayer game like this.

Are you looking forward to Overwatch? Planning on pre-ordering? Waiting to play the beta? Let us know on the comments.

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