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“Oz” Enlists Rachel Weisz for Evil Witch Role

Rachel Weisz has an Oscar to her name and quite a few films under her belt, but she hasn’t starred in a big feature in quite some time. Now it seems that such a stance might change.

The Hollywood Reporter
’s Heat Vision blog relays that Weisz is currently negotiating for the role of the evil witch Evanora in Sam Raimi’s Oz: The Great and Powerful. If negotiations go as planned, she’ll try to entice her sister, Theadora aka The Wicked Witch of the West (Mila Kunis), to join the dark side like herself. James Franco also stars as in the film as the titular character, "a snake oil salesman who finds himself dealing with real magic when his balloon carries him into a fabled land and he runs into genuine witches."

This would be Weisz's first big-scale project since starring in the “Mummy” films. She boasts a slight resemblance to Kunis, so that should work well in the realm of familial chemistry. She also happens to be a wonderfully talented actress, so she should shine perfectly as Evanora.

How do you feel about Rachel Weisz starring in Oz: The Great and Powerful?


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