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Welcome once again to Player Affinity Comics News or P.A.C. News as we like to call it. We already brought you several stories this week. Most notable was Dark Horse Comics teaming up with USA Today and Toshiba to create DH:HD. Basically Dark Horse will be creating and adapting it's content into a new format and brought to your HD televsion. To read the full release you can read PAC's coverage here.

In movie news we have a picture of the Green Lantern Movie banner coming to us from Bleeding Cool. One of their readers snapped a shot of the banner on a tour of Warner Bros. The movie is filming in New Orleans so don't take this as picture of the actual costume... just a real bad photoshop of what it might end up being. It's ugly and soul crushing to look at but here's hoping Deadpool... I mean Ryan "I play the same character in everything" Reynolds can pull it off. Also this week is was revealed that the bad guy from Sherlock Holmes would be playing Sinestro. 

https://www.entertainmentfuse.com/images/Green Lantern Movie.jpg
In other live action news. DC released screen shots of the Blue Beetle Live Action test that we reported on earlier in the week. It's only a test but.. it's not pretty. The company behind the test is responsible for the CG on movies such as the Golden Compass. For all of the shots check it out on DC's the blog The Source.
Let's continue with TV shall we? Remember two years ago when Marvel announced they were teaming up with BET to create a Black Panther animated show? Well that didn't turn out so well but next week you can expect the twelve issue cartoon to be released on the X-Box Zune Market place, the Zune market place and of course itunes market place. They'll be a new episode each week as Marvel attempts to recoup the cash on that failed business venture.
https://www.entertainmentfuse.com/images/Black Panter Animated.jpg
In Marvel Comic news, they released the description for the next issue of Ultimate Avengers 2 #4. If you enjoyed this week's Bagged and Boarded for issue #3 you should get a kick out of this. Also be sure to check out Kevin's review of the first and second issue to see why this train wreck is so much fun to read!

Nick Fury's Avengers have assembled: Black Widow, The Punisher, a new Hulk, War Machine and Hawkeye are souped-up and ready to face Hell ... literally. Evil's emissary comes in the form of The Ghostrider, a mysterious new villain sent to collect Satan's debts: human lives. But how do you fight the devil and his men? With big guns and even bigger cojones. Who lives, who survives? Who knows? But it'll be one hellish ride!! Join superstars Mark Millar and Leinil Francis Yu in another heart-pumping adventure! -Marvel.com

Finally in the last bit of news, the Marvel Hype machine give retails extra incentive to buy lots of copies of the upcoming Daredevil event Shadowland. I
f retailers buy more copies than the did of X-Men Second Coming they can then buy twice as many copies for free. Which is great for retailers since they can then actually make a profit off of the book and pretty much ensure that their shoppers pick up the series. Expect every comic book shop owner to say this exact sentence, "It's so good! You have to read it!" all that may actually end up being true but a salesman is still a salesman.
https://www.entertainmentfuse.com/images/Shadowland Splash.jpg
That's a wrap for this week's PAC News. If want something covered for next week be sure to leave a comment and for more stories from the week hit the Comics News section.


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