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P.A.C. News is back! That's Player Affinity Comic News for those of you that forgot. Not a lot happened in the world of comics this week, but we do have some fun stuff to cover and awesome photos like, our thumbnail image, to show you. Let's dig into comic news for the week of June 13th, 2009!

Up first, we have an awesome crossover drawn by deviantArt artist, Gotta Be Carl. He's taken the world of the X-men and Futurama and made one glorious image that's worthy of t-Shirts and posters! Seriously I'll write a comic for this guy to draw if no one swoops in and hires him! Have you ever read a Futurama comic? They are so-so in quality, but with Gotta be Carl's art I think the book would be astonishing! Bonus points if you can name Leela's mom (that ones been bugging me)! Share the images with your friends, and you can play, "who's that" for hours.


On the Marvel front we have another Daredevil teaser for Shadowland. It shows off Daredevil's new costume and shows him giving the "Elektra" to Bullseye. The tag line is, "The Birth of Marvel Universe's Greatest Villain." If it's true, sign me up for two copies, because that would be the most interesting hero-to-villain switch ever done in comics!

Still on the Marvel front, we have the first images from the set of Thor, brought to us from Entertainment Tonight. Who knew they were still getting exclusives huh? The best photo is of Anthony Hopkins as Odin, and he definitely has the look and the sea shell! The rest of the shots look more like Chris Jericho's audition tape. First a glowing hammer, now flowing hair; Marvel's starting to scare me!


Our last image comes from DC Comics. The upcoming issue of Brightest Day #4 will be the first appearance of the new Aqualad! There's nothing else really known about him other than the fact that he lives in the driest city in the USA. Aqualad will also appear on the Young Justice cartoon, but I'm sure one has nothing to do with the other. Just like when DC wanted to kill Aquaman and couldn't because he was going to be on the JLA cartoon. Regardless I'm glad to hear that the Brightest Day story will be moving along instead of being stuck in the endless loop it's been in. I'm sure it'll still be as good as all the other issues though, but if you don't believe me, check out the reviews for issues threetwo and one!
That's all for P.A.C. News this week. Be sure to leave a comment on telling us your thoughts on the news and who Leela's mom is supposed to be! Also Robot Santa, can't quite place him either.


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