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Pachter: “Zero Chance” of New Consoles at E3

Industry analyst Michael Pachter has spoken out to debunk rumors that the next generation of home consoles will be previewed at this year’s E3. Speculation began after an article appeared on website MCV, claiming that “third party publishing sources” had been in discussion with Microsoft over an upcoming successor to the Xbox 360.  

But Pachter, a research analyst for Wedbush securities, told financial magazine Forbes that there was “zero chance” of Sony revealing a Playstation 4 at E3 2012. He conceded the possibility of a new Xbox, but still called it “unlikely” and placed the odds at “around 20 percent.” 

“Neither console is launching in 2013” said Pachter “so there’s no reason to tease them in 2012”. MCV insist that their information is solid, calling it “exemplary, 100% concrete, ultra high level” and “very credible.” 

Suspicions surrounding a new Xbox began in October of last year, when an “Xbox 720” logo appeared in the background of a trailer for the Hugh Jackman film, “Real Steel.” The possibility of a new Playstation console was also rumored last October, when “a trusted source” told Develop magazine that preliminary work on Playstation 4 games had begun.

Neither Sony or Microsoft have made any official comment.


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