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PAL Regions getting Kirby’s Epic Yarn in 2011

Kirby's Epic Yarn will not be hitting Europe and Australia in 2010, but in 2011. In an official statement from Nintendo of Australia, a spokesman stated,

"Australia generally follows the European release schedule, as both Europe and Australia use the PAL system. As Kirby's Epic Yarn is launching in Europe in 2011, it will also launch in Australia in 2011. Having experienced the game at E3 this year, we are really excited about its release in Australia."

It is disappointing for PAL wii users not having access to one of the most unique wii games on the console this year. Kirby’s Epic Yarn recently launched in North America on October 17th. Kirby’s Epic Yarn has received many positive reviews from the media in the past week for its unique art style that blends perfectly with the gameplay.

Kirby will trade his copying ability for yarn power! In this game, Kirby will help Prince Fluff find magical yarn to save his world. Even though Kirby can not suck enemies up and take their powers, Kirby can use a lasso type yarn to grab ahold of eneimies to throw at each other. In some sections of the game Kirby will be able to transform into many things such as a car, a tank and more.

Player Affinity will have a review for Kirby’s Epic Yarn next week. Will it succeed or fail? What are your thoughts on this game? Does it look to childish? Can “hardcore” gamers still enjoy the game? Leave your opinion in the comment box below! 


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