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Pandora’s Tower Western Release Confirmed

Pandora's Tower, the third and last JRPG sought by fan lead petiton Operation Rainfall to be released in the United States, has offically been announced for a western localization this spring for the Wii. Though Xenoblade and the Last Story were slowly released outside of Japan, game developer Ganbarion initially claimed that this dungeon crawling RPG will not be seen outside the land of the rising sun.

Pandora's Tower
is about Aeron, an ex-mercenary weilding a magical sword and chain, who must travel through thirteen towers to gain the "master" flesh of the each "master" beast residing within each structure. Aeron's quest is an attempt to break the curse plaguing his fair maiden, Elena, that is turning her into a beast. His relationship with Elena and her declining fate (a meter on the screen) are both part of the game engine and also will determine which ending can be achieved.

Xseed, the publisher for the western release, is confident that the game will please the vocal fanbase while offering a great gameplay experience along with much replay value due to the multiple endings. Pandora's Tower will be released stateside this spring only for the Wii, but can be played on the Wii U because of backwards compability.


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