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IDW Entertainment Announces Pantheon T.V. Series

IDW Entertainment and Michael Chiklis are currently in the process of developing and producing a television series based on the 5-issue comic book, Pantheon, created by Chiklis himself.  The project will be funded by IDW and co produced by Circle of Confusion, having yet to land at a network to call home. Public knowledge regarding the exact story that the show will follow is limited.  However, what is known is the premise of the comic book series: Greek Gods navigating the “near future” in which the world is in ruins—a concept with limitless possibilities.  In the right hands, Pantheon stands to be quite the interesting show.  For those who have read IDW's Pantheon, speculations can be made about the threads that the show might follow.  However, you don't need me to tell you that 5 issues isn't quite enough to build an entire television show around.  Expansions will have to be made, creative liberties must be taken.  


  For those of you who aren’t familiar, Michael Chiklis is a notable actor, director, and producer.  Having acted on a wide variety of police dramas for network T.V., he is known in the world of comics primarily as the actor that played the Thing in the Fantastic Four films. Ted Adams and David Ozer will co produce on behalf of IDW, while David Alpert and Rick Jacobs will handle production duties on the Circle of Confusion side.  Television shows based on comic books are insanely popular right now, and IDW seems to be cashing in at just the right time.


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