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‘Paradise Lost’ May Have Found Adam, Eve, and Gabriel

If you’ve taken a British Literature class in college, chances are that you’ve read John Milton’s epic poem Paradise Lost, which accounts for the Biblical fall of mankind. Director Alex Proyas is putting together a film adaptation of the prose, and several big names are aligning for major parts.

Variety relays that Casey Affleck is currently negotiating for the role of the six-winged messenger angel, Gabriel. Additionally, an offer has gone out to 10,000 B.C. star Camilla Belle to play the first female in the Bible, Eve. Diego Boneta, who’ll make his feature debut in Rock of Ages next year, currently tops the list of actors who might portray Adam.

Previously announced, Ben Walker has taken up the role of Michael, while Bradley Cooper embodies Lucifer, and Djimon Honsou will play the Angel of Death, Abdiel.


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