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Paragon Studios Giving Away Tickets to PAX Prime

Big things are afoot in the City of Heroes.  Their new expansion pack Going Rogue is just around the corner.  It will feature the obvious graphical upgrades (i.e. Paragon City is shinier and more shadowy), and also has four new power sets. The Dual Pistol and Demon Summoning power sets have been available for months to people who pre-order, but there are two others: Kinetic Melee and Electric  Control which will become available on launch day.

The expansion pack also adds three new zones to the game for players level 1-20.  Nova Praetoria is the starting level and characters will graduate to Imperial City, then finish the new settings with Neutropolis.  All three are set in an alternate universe where Statesman (The greatest hero of the CoH universe) became Emperor Cole: a fascist overlord.  Warped versions of other characters from the standard CoH game can also be found populating the city as well.

Heroes who don’t buy the expansion pack can still download an update, Shades of Gray for free.  This will add a new Trial set in the Cathedral of Pain.  It also adds a few other features including allowing Heroes and Villains to trade between auction houses, as well as changes to the game’s awesome Mission Architect.

To celebrate, Paragon Studios is hosting two contests.  By keeping an eye of Paragon’s Facebook, Twitter, and website forums, players can get free codes for in-game items including alternate costumes and various Booster Packs with in-game powers. 

Then there’s the other contest for something you’d want even if you don’t play City of Heroes: A three-day pass to a little event called PAX Prime!  Weekend passes to the West Coast Penny Arcade Expo are sold out, but three lucky bastards are going to win them. How can you get one?


To enter the contest

A Haiku must be written

About Going Rogue.

Seriously, it’s a Haiku contest. Both of these contests are going on from now until the big unveiling of Going Rogue on August 17th.  We’ll have full reviews on release day.


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