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Paramount Eying ‘Splinter Cell’ Movie Adaptation

Fresh off its E3 run, word has come down that a film adaptation of Ubisoft's "Splinter Cell" series is once again being shopped to studios.

After six titles and 22 million units sold, Deadline breaks that the series is being shopped to several studios, but will more than likely land at Paramount despite Warner Bros. sharing an interest as well. While no deal is imminent, Paramount makes the most sense given the studio's have a long-standing relationship adapting the works of author Tom Clancy, whose name endorses the "Splinter Cell" series.

The games follow Sam Fisher, a highly skilled operative specializing in linguistics, weaponry and stealth warfare. In the first game, Sam is brought out of retirement when the National Security Agency recruits him for a classified division called Third Echelon, a top-secret branch of the NSA that by all rights doesn't exist. From there, Sam is sent on several missions spanning the globe, involving corrupt governments, missing agents and cyber warfare.

The series itself has often been met with strong praise for the sheer level of detail when it comes to it's stories, settings and characters. Although no video game adaptation has gone incredibly well, Ubisoft is looking to retain a strong amount of creative control in the adaptation of the series, which sounds comforting. But with so many espionage flicks out there — not to mention the "Bourne" series getting a reboot of sorts — can a "Splinter Cell" adaptation stack up to the competition, let alone be good?

What do you think? Who could play Fisher and who could direct "Splinter Cell" the movie?


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