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Parks and Recreation-Inspired Book to Be Released

To follow up Parks and Recreation's brilliant third season, NBC Universal and Hyperion Books are teaming up to publish a book about the strangest little city in the world. Pawnee: The Greatest Town in America will be a 240 page comedy book that is scheduled for release on October 4th.

Though the deputy director of Pawnee's Parks Department will take credit on the cover, the series' writing staff will be the actual authors. Taking a deeper look at the bizarre and fictional Indiana town in which the series is set will be a treat for fans of the series. Mike Schur, series co-creator, has assured that it will also be accessible to those not familiar with the show.

Though it was reduced to sixteen episodes to fit into the schedule as a midseason replacement, Parks and Recreation's third season still garnered critical acclaim and kept fans loyal to the series. By the time the book is released, P&R will be into its fourth season, though it will now be following Community in the time slot it held two years ago. So unfortunately it won't be making the time until new episodes air go by any quicker. But as the series has proven, anything from the minds behind Parks and Recreation is worth the wait.


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