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Parks and Recreation Put on Hiatus?

Say it ain’t so! With NBC’s latest schedule restructuring (goodbye Welcome to the Family and Ironside) television’s best comedy is pushed aside to make way for various holiday specials, football, and The Voice. NBC is clearly desperate for ratings, or desperate to make Sean Saves the World a thing (Stop trying to make Sean Saves the World happen, it’s not going to happen!) and therefore hijacking the eight o’clock time slot for its parade of, most likely, ineffective ratings bait programs.

Just four more episodes are set to air before the new year, previously scheduled episodes have been pushed into two airdates. Two episodes will air on November 14; one of those will be an ill-timed Halloween episode, and the other two on November 21 in the eight p.m. timeslot. After that, no more Parks and Rec till 2014, more specifically January 9.

Though it is irritating that the network’s desperate attempt to keep a certain show afloat will affect our beloved Parks and Rec, there doesn’t seem to be any cause for alarm. The network hasn’t reduced the order of episodes and we will get to see every installment produced, just not in the most ideal conditions. 


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