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Paul Cornell Set To Leave Demon Knights

Some important news for fans of the DC series Demon Knights has just been announced!

Writer Paul Cornell, who also writes Saucer Country under DC's Vertigo imprint, has just been revealed to be leaving the series after wrapping up the current story arc. For those not in the know, Demon Knights is set in the ancient past of the DC Universe during medieval times and follows the adventures of such notables as Madame Xanadu, Etrigan the Demon, and Sir Ystin the Shining Knight, the latter of whom some may recognize from Grant Morrison's Seven Soldiers of Victory. Since it began the series has grown a loyal fanbase and many are sad to see him go. His last issue will be Demon Knights #15, which has a release date for December 12th of this year.

As for who will be replacing Cornell it might be a name that some might recognize. Robert Venditti, writer of X-O Manowar and The Surrogates, will be taking up writing duties with Demon Knights #16. What he brings to the table will surely be filled with surprises for long-time readers as the series will be jumping 30 years into the future. What will have changed within that amount of time? We'll just have to read on to find out what Venditti has in store.

“With Demon Knights, writer Paul Cornell built a rich world and populated it with unique characters that any writer would want to get their hands on. Add to that a chance for me to work with artist Bernard Chang, and it was really a no-brainer. When editor Chris Conroy reached out to me, my first thought was, where do I sign?” Venditti told THE SOURCE.

Demon Knights is unlike any other series on the stands, and I’m going to do my best to continue that,” the writer continued. “For the next few issues, readers will find the team—if such a disparate band of misfits can be called a “team”—battling an enemy that reaches far back into the history of the DC Universe. And it’s going to be a battle from which everyone will emerge changed in profound ways.”

Demon Knights #16 is set to be out on January 13, 2013.


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