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Paul W.S. Anderson to Direct “Pompeii”

Paul W.S. Anderson is perhaps best known for his "Resident Evil" features. Although he’s not exactly a critical favorite, he’s built himself a devoted following and the respect of Summit Entertainment, the studio he often works with. This fall, the partnership will bring the 3-D Three Musketeers to theaters, but Anderson and Summit have already found their next project.

Anderson will now move into disaster/tragedy territory with an epic historical romance. He’ll direct Pompeii, a film that covers Mt. Vesuvius’ eruption and the consequent destruction of Pompeii. It will center more on a romance, however, between a slave and the daughter of his master, not unlike James Cameron’s 1997 masterpiece Titanic.

The Hollywood Reporter
relays that the film will be auctioned to foreign distributors at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. To our knowledge, no one’s been cast yet, but I’d bet good money that Milla Jovovich, Anderson’s wife, will have a role somewhere in the film. After "Musketeers" comes out, Anderson is expected to work on the fifth installment of the "Resident Evil" franchise, which is expected in September 2012. It is unclear how Pompeii will fit into his schedule.

How do you feel about Paul W.S. Anderson and Pompeii?


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