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PAX East Panels Announced

The Penny Arcade Expo East is less than a month away, and they've finally announced the schedule for the many panels that will be running during this weekend of nerdly pursuits.  There's far too much stuff for any person to do over the course of the three-day geekfest, so take a good hard look at the lengthy list of events at the link below; you'll need to think long and hard about whether you love Call of Duty more than you love Dungeons & Dragons because you can't attend both panels at once!

The Expo starts out with a Keynote address from speaker Jane McGonigal at 10:30 AM Friday morning, and doesn't let up until Sunday at 6:30 when the final round of the Omegathon pits one last pair of combatants against one another in an epic clash of champions. During the fifty-six hour stretch in between, attendees will be able to watch Penny Arcade honchos Gabe and Tycho draw a strip live, see live broadcasts from G4TV and various podcasters, as well as keeping themselves abreast of the American Grifball League of America.  

Several publishers are confirmed as showing off upcoming games, of course.  Amateur designers will be happy to see that there is a heavy focus on breaking into the industry as well as tips for running an indie game company, or doing a better job if you already work in the industry.  There are also some kooky esoteric events like advice on Geek Parenting, improving your cosplay, and a Video Games Antiques Roadshow to evaluate those dusty old games you think might be valuable.  A schedule of gaming tournaments, including pen & paper games can be found HERE and a grid displaying events as a chart can be seen HERE.  The full schedule of events with description can be seen HERE.


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