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PAYDAY: The Heist Official Release Confirmed

After a brief delay PAYDAY: The Heist is finally ready for its big day.  Announced on the PlayStation Blog, October 18th is the day PAYDAY: The Heist hits the PlayStation Network.  Developer OVERKILL and Sony Online Entertainment originally delayed the game to further polish the title and insure you, the gamer, have the best experience while playing. 

This really looks to be one of the most anticipated PSN exclusive titles this year with its co-operative online play.  Although PSN titles aren't directly competing with the blockbuster retail games that are steadily coming out, all games are competing for your hard earned dollars.  I can't help but think PAYDAY: The Heist's sales might take a little hit due to the delay.  Regardless, check out the new trailer to whet your appetite.


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