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PC Digital Download Sales 9/26/10

It's Week 4 for PC Digital Download sales, and both Steam and Direct2Drive are shaken up as new releases come out. Civilization V is still there though, because PC gamers love Civilization! There's also a few other releases that may or may not have been trampled by Civilization V.


Steam Top 10

1) Sid Meier's Civilization V - $49.99

2) F1 2010 - $39.99

3) Serious Sam HD: Gold Edition - $10.00 [-75%]

4) Dead Rising 2 - $39.99

5) Darksiders - $39.99

6) Garry's Mod - $4.99 [-50%]

7) Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - $29.99

8) Front Mission Evolved - $44.99 [-10%]

9) Left 4 Dead 2 - $19.99

10) Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light - $14.99

Direct2Drive Top 10

1) Sid Meier's Civilization V - $49.95

2) Sid Meier's Civilization V Digital Deluxe Edition - $59.95

3) Fallout New Vegas - $49.95

4) The Stronghold Collection - $14.95

5) Darksiders - $39.95

6) Red Faction: Guerilla - $6.00 [-70%]

7) Command and Conquer Red Alert 3 - $29.95

8) The Sims 3 - $39.95

9) Civilization IV: The Complete Edition - $39.95

10) Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - $29.95

Both Steam and Direct2Drive had incredibly different sales than usual, with the newest games of September coming out. Civilization V is still top dog on the lists, but for Steam, the users bought a lot of less-prominent releases. The kicker here is that the most heavily advertised new release (besides Civilization V), Dead Rising 2, lost to F1 2010. Last time I remembered, F1 2010 was a racing game. Racing games don't do well on Steam. Anyway, the Darksiders port came out as well, which got fifth, and Lara Croft is still up for preorders, so I guess the good favor for the console version did the game well. On Direct2Drive, Fallout New Vegas is there, which is sort of unsurprising as it's been there on and off for the past few weeks. Darksiders is in fifth at D2D as well, but Red Faction got a great sale which boosted sales. I don't know what your pricing standards are, but I'd buy Red Faction: Guerilla for 6 dollars. 

Red Faction's success this week highlights how great pricing can affect sales. I mean, look at these lists! Steam's #2, #3, #4, and #5 are new releases or sales priced at 40 dollars or below. That's not surprising for Darksiders as it's a belated port, but Dead Rising 2 came out the same time as the console versions, and for $20 less. Serious Sam HD Gold sold so well because of it's 10 dollar sale. The one new release besides Civilization V priced around 50 dollars, Front Mission Evolved, sold far less than the others due to the price. Hopefully the good sales these games are getting due to their $39.99 price tag will inspire more publishers to sell PC versions for this price. 


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