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PC Digital Download Sales 9/5/10

Welcome to PC Digital Download Sales week 2! This is a weekly feature on Player Affinity where we look at the best selling games on the PC platform every Sunday with data from 3:00 PM. The info is collected from both Steam and Direct2Drive's top 10 seller lists. This week, Direct2Drive had a great sale giving a lot of games away for only $6. Pretty good, huh? As a result, that influenced this week's top 10 sales. 

Steam Top 10 

1) Company of Heroes Complete Pack - $12.50 [-75%]

2) Mafia II - $49.99

3) R.U.S.E. - $49.99

4) Worms Reloaded - $19.99

5) Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - $29.99

6) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - $59.99

7) Amnesia: The Dark Descent - $15.99 [-20%]

8) Sid Meier's Civilization V - $49.99

9) Left 4 Dead 2 - $29.99

10) Counter-Strike: Source - $19.99

Direct2Drive Top 10

1) Tropico 3 - $6.00

2) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - $49.95

3) Civilization IV: The Complete Edition - $39.95

4) Titan Quest Bundle - $6.00

5) Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - $6.00

6) Dragon Age: Origins Awakening - $29.95

7) Puzzle Quest 2 - $14.95

8) The Sims 3 - $49.95

9) Jedi Knight Bundle - $6.00

10) Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - $29.95

First, let's talk about Steam. Steam, as always, had a really low price on a game collection, and the collection sold well as a result but the Company of Heroes sale won't be around for much longer. Mafia II jumped up a notch, probably due to word of mouth. R.U.S.E. is a new release, so that will sell well for the next couple of weeks; whether or not it stays much longer than that all depends on the reviews. Amnesia: The Dark Descent is already lower down on the list for a new release, so it won't stay for much longer. Civilization V will keep selling until weeks, or months after it's release. Everything else is standard fare for Steam. 

So Direct2Drive put a lot of games on sale for $6, and Tropico 3, Titan Quest, Knights of the Old Republic, and Jedi Knight Bundle got on the list as a result. It's kind of interesting how Star Wars fans will jump at the chance to download Star Wars games if given the right price, so this week could be a good benchmark for Direct2Drive's Star Wars demographic. The only other sale was a sale I thought would never happen, Modern Warfare 2 going from $59.95 to $49.95. Activision must be comfortable giving Direct2Drive a sale, but not Steam, which is a little strange. Steam is less mainstream, and Direct2Drive gets more ads, so maybe Activision thought this would be a better way to sell their game, even though Modern Warfare 2 has built in Steam support. Anyway, Civilization IV is still selling due to hype over Civilization V, Puzzle Quest 2 is there for unknown reasons, and the rest is pretty common for Direct2Drive.  


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