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PC Gamers Up In Arms Over BF3 DLC

EA is making a huge push towards gamers to buy Battlefield 3, however their DLC is causing an issue. EA's DLC Physical Warfare Pack, currently only available via preorder at GAME and Gamestation stores, is causing a large outcry amongst customers. Gamers fear the DLC will provide an unfair edge to the players who purchase the Pack, ruining the balance which is the heart of the Battlefield series.

The Pack is a Type 88 Light Machine Gun as well as a Flash Surpressor for the SKS Sniper Rifle that will "reduce enemy awareness of your position".  It is also a penetrating flanchette shotgun ammo. 

There are already reports of preorders being cancelled in protest to this news as well as other petitions and boycotts opposing the DLC. Some gamers might remember a similiar preorder only issue with Bad Company. Passionate Bad Company console gamers persuaded EA to remove the DLC. It will be interesting to see if gamers can change EA's mind on this pack as well.


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