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PC Version of Bastion Delayed

The highly anticipated indie action-RPG Bastion arrived for console gamers this week via PSN and XBLA but despite the games developer Supergiant Games confirming that a PC version was in the works, there is still no word on a release date yet. 

The reason for the lack of details given for Bastions PC release date was that Supergiant Games is "Sorting out the controls and making the PC version feel like a proper PC game". What this means is that PC gamers will have to wait longer for the game, but when it does come to PC, it won't just be a shoddy port. 
As someone who is really looking forward to getting my hands on Bastion, I'm quite annoyed at the delay on the PC version of Bastion but I'm still very much looking forward to the game and I'm sure that the wait will be worth it.

For those who haven't heard about it before, Bastion is an ambitious action-RPG that takes place in a handcrafted isometric 2D world where you play as a young man who sets out to reassemble his (literally) shattered world. The game combines vast character customization options with a very cool and unique narration mechanic. You can check out the launch trailer below:


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