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Penny For Your Soul # 5 – Review

A fight breaks out in the poker room of the casino as a Demon transforms in front of everyone and calls the man he's playing against a cheater. The Demon continues throwing the man around the room until a group of Angels interrupt. They then fight with the Demon making quick work of him. The problem is that the violence and fighting is spreading. Up in the control room Mary, who's been named the new hotel manager after Danica put her in charge, notices one person not affected by the fighting. One man is just sitting in the middle of the battle ground still playing cards. Mary heads down to talk to him, but really there's a lot more to him than meets the eye.

The fights continue to break out spreading outside of the casino and onto the Vegas strip. A woman decides to put on a show for some gawkers by getting on top of a taxi and dancing, until her boyfriend gets jealous. He tells a couple of guys to buzz off, but instead they jump him and start kicking his ass. Then an angel grabs onto the woman wanting her for his own. Too bad Danica's father (the son of Satan) wants her as well. They have a tug-a-war with the beautiful blonde until the angel gives up and releases her. Danica's father spouts off many crude things that he plans to do to her before ultimately killing her. Thankfully for the woman Danica shows up in her demon form and calls out her father for a family discussion.

Penny For Your Soul # 5This issue is a very fast read as it's full of action. Normally that would be very off putting, but it really fits the story and events happening. It was probably time for it in the story as well since there can only be so much focus on the hotel and luring people to sell their souls. The slugfest is just fun and sets the stage for the next issue, but don't expect any character development in the issue. The most interesting part is the stranger in the poker room. He's used just enough in the story to make you wonder what will happen in the next issue.

The art is pretty decent, but it's a bit grainy for me personally at times. The book is set in Vegas and is supposed to be full of beautiful woman and such and it would seem that smoother lines would be a better fit for the book. Regardless though the art still works in the story and the demons and angels look cool and the line work works well with their characters.

If you're just getting into "Penny For Your Soul" this is a horrible place to start. You'll really be lost by anything happening in the book. If you've been reading it then this issue is a great break from the story with all of the action that it delivers. After all the war between Heaven and Hell is coming so they need to battle some time. If the book sounds interesting to you I recommend picking up the special to give yourself a least a bit more reference to the story if you're unable to find the first four issues or you can pick them up from Big Dog Ink's website.

Story – 7.0
Plot – 7.5
Art – 7.0
Overall – 7.2


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