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Peter Jackson Will Direct ‘Tintin’ Sequel if It Happens

Directors Peter Jackson and Steven Spielberg coming together for The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn was no small matter. The motion-capture film based on the iconic Hergé books has been met with much anticipation (it debuts overseas this week), so a sequel is in the works, right? Well, almost.

The Hollywood Reporter recently interviewed the legendary directors, and Jackson said that he’d take the helm of a sequel to “Tintin” if it went into production, though Spielberg stated that “we haven’t talked about that yet” when questioned about his future involvement with the potential franchise.

Of course, this would all happen after Jackson’s “Hobbit” features are completed, so we wouldn’t be seeing it any time soon. However, the film itself isn’t a sure thing just yet. As Spielberg explains:

“[Sony and Paramount] were willing to do one movie with us and then give us the financial werewithal to develop a script, do all the visual storyboards and get it really in launch position. So we can launch pretty quickly on a second movie. The script is already written.”

Anthony Horowitz, who created the spy novels based on the character Alex Rider, was brought on to pen the “Tintin” sequel. The film, tentatively called The Adventures of Tintin: Prisoners of the Sun, sees Tintin and Captain Haddock heading off to Peru to solve a mystery concerning a peculiar illness.


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