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Peter Weller Enlists in ‘Star Trek 2’

Star Trek 2 earned itself some geek-cred today, with representatives confirming that Peter Weller will be joining the film. The unknown part for Weller, best known for his portrayal of fan-favorite cyborg Robocop, will mark his return to the “Trek” franchise after a two-episode guest appearance in the last TV series, Enterprise.

Weller is just the latest in a string of actors added to the highly anticipated sequel, which just got a release date of May 2013 and confirmation that it will be shot in 3D. Up-and-coming British actress Alice Eve landed an unknown role just days ago and Benicio Del Toro signed on as the film’s villain last month.

Despite the ramp-up in news concerning the film in the last few months, little is known about what exactly Star Trek 2 will be. With no plot details revealed by director J.J. Abrams, fan speculation for roles has been rampant. Along with Weller’s casting, Deadline highlights the buzz over false rumors that Del Toro would play a re-imagined version of franchise icon Khan.   


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