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Phil Hester on Wonder Woman’s Rogues

What does the future have in store for the maiden of might, the princess of hope – Wonder Woman? Nothing is set in stone (for now) that is. However, writer Phil Hester does say that he will be digging into new dark corners of Wonder Woman’s past. Are you not interested in Wonder Woman? Well you will be soon as we see what is in store for Diana!

Phil Hester has big plans for Wonder Woman in the issues to come this year; this includes digging into more of Diana’s mysterious past.

This is what Phil had to say:

https://www.entertainmentfuse.com/images/ww16975_600x900.jpg“I’ve had the pleasure of revamping a few Wonder Woman villains of late and let me tell you something, I’ve never wished harder for a time machine. I’d love to go back and tell my twelve-year-old self that I’d someday be making a list of real-live DC super villains to play with, and deciding their fates in the pages of Wonder Woman.

Also, I’d knock the peanut butter cups out of my hand.

“I’ve spent many a sleepless night making a mental checklist of all the awful people in the DCU who hate our beloved Diana, and though she deserves no enmity from any quarter, the list is long. Long and colorful.

There are decades of rogues to choose from, some ridiculous, some genuinely disturbing. And like Batman’s enemies, Wonder Woman’s seem to take their vendettas very personally. There are so many character flaws and bizarre quirks piled into these creeps that any writer could find a handhold there. I could lose myself for days scaling the mountain of peculiar opponents lined up against Diana.

Yes, there is no shortage of miscreants who hate Wonder Woman, but that’s not enough for Wonder Woman: Odyssey. Mere hatred won’t do. I unfurl the list again in my head and check off the villains who hate Diana…

Until I find one who loves her?”

-Phil Hester

So are you ready for more Wonder Woman jacket action? Or are you ready for her to go back to the American spirit clothes? Well whatever the future has in store for Wonder Woman, make sure you check out some of her current stories in the pages of Wonder Woman!


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