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Pick of the Week – Seeds TPB – Duel Review

It’s not often a book like Seeds comes along, but when it does you grab onto it and shout from the roof tops about how good it is. Originally published in the UK, the book has made it over to the US shores thanks to Com.X. In this case it’s best to use the books own summary instead of trying to add a spin to it.

Summary: In July 2009, Ross Mackintosh learned that his father had cancer. Seeds is the autobiographical story about a man’s experience of family, life, love and death. Beginning immediately with the diagnosis, then taking us through his father’s eventual decline. This is a powerful account combing humour, philosophy and honesty.

Seeds TPB CoverDustin: Even knowing what this book is about will not prepare you for the overwhelming emotion that will wash over you as you read the book. I will tell you right now that if you don’t cry while reading this book, then there is something seriously wrong with you. You may cry at a different moment in the story, but there will be a scene that triggers such strong emotions that only tears will suffice. The more amazing thing is that the story doesn’t leave you sad; it doesn’t leave you gloomy and depressed. No, instead gives you a weird sense of closure that you’ll probably never experience in another graphic novel.

The sequential art of the book is so tight that it never breaks the flow of the story. The real life characters it’s based on become so real on the page, that by the end you are connected with this family as if they were your own. Seeds, is unlike any graphic novel ever produced and we are all the more blessed that writer/artist Ross Mackintosh has shared this very personal moment with the rest of the world. If you read this story you owe it to yourself to share it with everyone you know and don’t be ashamed to tell them what part made you cry.

Kevin: Simple, honest, beautiful and touching; Seeds, tales the tale of a son losing a father to cancer in way you can’t help but feel compassion. Mackintosh delivers a heartfelt presentation panel by panel as he displays an autobiographical account of his father’s sickness and how he and his family deal with the weight of their heavy ordeal.  The moments captured in this story are memorable and touching. There are a host of panels that will make tear up... promise. The art is simple but more than capable of creating the world. Not only does it add to the experience, it commands charm all of its own.

Seeds came to me a complete surprise and nothing that I have read about it could have prepared me for the experience that this book contains. I was shocked how much I loved it. In all honesty if you have a heart and are capable of emotion you’ll enjoy Seeds.

Overall Score – 10/10
*Quite possibly the book of 2011*



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