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Pick This Book Up – Green Wake #1

In "Pick This Book Up" I will be spotlighting a book I will be picking up next week and why I've decided to spend the price of more than a gallon of gas on it.  Green Wake is my choice for next week and will hopefully not disappoint with promises of grisly murder in mind. Horror is definitely a genre that has been twisted in every direction and has often found itself screaming when monotonous ideas are used over and over again and there is no more creativity: just pointlessly overused blood to garner the reader’s attention away from the lackluster story.  A good murder mystery is hard to find with so many others out there and hopefully Green Wake from Image publishers will prove to be a great one. Green Wake #1 Cover Image The premise is simple: in Green Wake there have been numerous grisly murders. Our protagonist Morley Mack is perusing a woman known as Ariel that is the prime suspect in the murders.  As Morley begins to discover the truth he also finds the case has a connection to his past… A dark and gritty mystery would be an excellent combination for Green Wake to pursue.  The premise has the usual murders in a small town with a main character that will ultimately find out more about himself after solving the crime (IF he does solve it).   The art is what really made me want to pick up this issue. You can read a preview at the end to check out the art. Green Wake has a strikingly different artistic style.  Despite not being overly detailed and having a few too many lines here and there, the art gives the story a very “noir mystery” kind of feel, especially at the beginning when the comic is colored in a dingy grey and black color that perfectly sets the dreary mood of the story.         The summary presented for this issue does worry me since it can easily be as cliché as the many other horror/mystery stories out there if not handled properly, and the writer Kurtis J. Wiebe has only written one other comic making me question if he has enough experience to write something new.  The artwork in Green Wake is enough to keep me in, however, with Riley Rossmo delivering a perfectly dark atmosphere that feels reminiscent of London town during the days when Jack the Ripper would be haunting the streets with a bloody scalpel.  Let’s just hope the story can follow suit with the art.  Green Wake #1 will be out on April 6. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5


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