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Pilot Season Hits over 100,000 Votes

As announced on GeekWeek Live!, within a week since the polls have opened, Top Cow Productions, Inc. is proud to announce voting for Pilot Season 2010, an annual initiative by the publisher where fans decide a book’s fate, has hit over 100,000 votes.  The winner of Pilot Season 2010 will be announced Wednesday, December 1.

"100,000 votes in just 11 days!” exclaimed Atom! Freeman, Top Cow Director of Sales & Marketing. "If the candidates I voted for in the last general election had worked as hard as our cadre of creators in getting out the vote, I wouldn't have cried quite so much last Tuesday."

With polling stations set up at the Top Cow site (www.topcow.com) and various comic news sites, blogs and social media platforms, readers spanning over 30 countries are making their voices heard for what title they want to be made into a series and to appear on their local comic shop shelves. The vote leader at the time of this press release was 39 Minutes, but competition has been fierce and Top Cow encourages everyone to “Take Control.”

Polls for Pilot Season 2010 will close on November 30, 2010.

Previews for each book are available at www.topcow.com.


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