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Pirate MMO Picaroon Now In Open Beta

If you've grown tired of fantasy and scifi themed MMOs, you can now try a new strategy MMO about pirates.  Picaroon is the latest game by UK Developer Nicetech who previously brought us the long-running space strategy game Time of Defiance.  Their new game is set in a Waterworld-esque future where dry land is rare, and humanity battles to control the remaining islands. 

Picaroon allows players to construct bases, and build fleets of vessels to seize yet more territory and expand their empires.  The game combines elements of real-time strategy, with card games, and MMOs, and boasts of "Three Ways to play".  

By “Three Ways to Play”, they are referring to the option to play in a short skirmish mode, a longer 2-3 week campaign mode, or a fully persistent MMO style without time limits. Only the mid-length campaign is available at the moment, but as the beta persists, the other two modes will become available.  No formal date for the final build has been announced at this point.

Gamers looking to explore their buccaneer fantasies can see more about the game, or sign up for the beta at Picaroon's website.


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