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Pixar confirms “Monsters Inc. 2” and “Brave” in 2012

I'm not the Pixar fanatic that most people are. While I like pretty much all of their films (except you Cars!), there are only a handful that I consider truly amazing: The Incredibles, WALL*E, and Monsters, Inc. There have been rumor blips on the radar for awhile about a Monsters, Inc. sequel, but then there are rumors about sequels for all of Pixar's movies. Now we can say that one of them is finally about to come to fruition.

Disney has confirmed that Monsters, Inc. 2 will indeed happen, and that it is already set to hit theaters on November 16, 2012. That's almost exactly eleven years after the original.  Peter Docter won't be returning to helm the sequel as he's already working on other projects. No confirmation on John Goodman and Billy Crystal reprising their roles voicing Sully and Mike, but I doubt Pixar would move ahead without either of them.

Monsters, Inc. was a smash hit for Pixar, scaring up over $525M worldwide.

Disney also announced that Pixar's first fairy tale feature, The Bear and the Bow has been renamed Brave. No reason was given for the title change, but the Mouse House was quick to add a summer release date of June 15th, 2012. Reese Witherspoon voices the main character of Merinda, an adventerous princess with no desire to rule, choosing instead to live the life of a great archer. A rash decision on her part accidentally unleashes the magical forces of evil on her land, and Merinda is forced to help set things right.

Brenda Chapman has been tapped to helm the project. Chapman's an animation veteran who co-directed Dreamworks' blockbuster hit The Prince of Egypt back in 1998. That film took in over $215M worldwide.


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