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Planet of the Apes #2 – Review

Things are heating up as the deadline to find the Lawgiver's assassin begins to run out. Alaya has sought out a man incarcerated by her grandfather in order to catch his killer. Nix is a white gorilla and is feared by everyone in the prison. Alaya asks him to make a troop and tear through “Skin Town” in order to find the killer. Nix questions her decision since not even the Lawgiver would free him and Alaya says that his crime is less than the one committed against her grandfather.

In Skin Town the Mayor and her husband begin their own investigation to find the assassin. They start with Laughing Jack who smuggles weapons for humans. It was bit confusion if he was actually a monkey or a human wearing a monkey suit. Regardless, he makes weapons for humans and tells Bako that it’s not one of his, but that he should check the church. While Nix gathers his troops and gets them rallied for battle the Mayor of Skin Town takes a visit to the church that worships a bomb.

Planet of the Apes #2 Cover AThe story continues to be much better in this issue which was a surprise. The first issue was very good, but there was something about the pacing of this issue that was really good. It may just make me a fan of Planet of the Apes. Darryl Gregory continues to use familiar elements in the story and makes it very interesting to bounce back and forth between the Apes and the Humans. Nix is an awesome character and I can’t wait to see the evil Alaya has unleashed on the city. In a way the humans are already defeated since the deadline given to them doesn’t matter anymore, which now actually gives you some sympathy for them.

Carlos Magno is the perfect artist for this series. The art is just breath-taking with the intricate amount of details put into each page, characters and background of the issue. The Apes look awesome especially Nix as he’s the only white gorilla in the city. What’s most amazing about Magno’s art is that he’s drawing two very different character types, Apes/Humans, and neither character type is lacking in detail. It would be very easy for an artist to only be able to draw one well, but Magno is amazing at both making him the perfect choice for the series.

After the first issue I wasn’t really sure if I was going to keep reading Apes, but I have to say that this issue has sold me on the series. In a way this issue feels like the first issue since it kicks off the major elements of the story. Because of that I would still recommend this book to new readers who possibly missed out on the first issue when it sold out.

Overall Score – 8.9/10



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