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Planetary #27

Planetary #27 is the conclusion of the series created by Warren Ellis (The Authority, Black Summer) and John Cassaday (Astonishing X-Men). If you are unfamiliar with Planetary, it's about a group of archeologists that explore the weird. Planetary is a brilliant series with a strong story that pays homage to comics and stunning art that compliments the story from beginning to end. Usually, the last issue of the series is not the first issue you want to read. The amazing thing about Planetary is that any issue can rope you in and leave you wanting more. Upon completing the issue, I instantly wanted to break out my Planetary trades and begin the journey all over.                                       Planetary 27 Cover
This issue revolves around the Planetary group releasing the information obtained from the Four. The studies instantly impact the world. The changes snow ball down the hill towards the future. It also focuses on life after the defeat of the Four. The group attempts to find their own fourth member, Ambrose Chase. The brilliance of this issue is that it's un-necessary. The story was actually wrapped up quite well in the previous issue but it was as if Ellis himself needed closure on the characters and the story, making it a great read and a treat for anyone following the series. It's almost a reunion show, if you will. You get to see all your favorite characters come back and interact one more time and be those amazing characters they've always been.
Overall, the book is a nice endcap to the series and leaves it with closure; at the same time, possibility, which has been a staple of the series from the beginning. As always, the photo-realistic art of Cassaday is a huge part of its success and continues to be as amazing as the first issue. Some might wonder how a book about archeologists can be so amazing. The study of archaeology is, simply put, the study of historical human cultures. That would make Planetary the study of historical comic cultures.

Story - 9.0
Art - 10.0
Overall - 9.5


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